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Capital Improvements

 To increase favor with communities & local churches, the PCI Program will influence economic development by hiring and purchasing from only local businesses. Our objective is to visibly improve the appearance of local communities by installing capital improvements to residential structures.

Community Events

We believe it is the responsibility of the Church to enable such an environment that the community and the Church can come together mutually by the simply principle of Love. Our Community Based Event (CBE) Program will allow the Church to promote peace and compassion by gifting the community with food and fellowship.

Area Clean-Ups

Area Clean-Ups are for more than just collecting and removing unwanted debris and trash from local areas. Our intent is to provide the homeless/less fortunate with an opportunity to be and feel productive. Hopefully encouraging them to take pride in their efforts, their community, and most importantly themselves.


It is with great sorrow that Logan County, WV mourns the loss of Nick Bonelli & Phillip Ward.  To ease the burden of pain in the lives of this community, The Finding ACTS Foundation along with many friends and family have come together to pursue the construction of skatepark in Logan, WV to commemorate the lives of these two young men.

Both of them loved skating from a young age and were often discouraged or run off by local business owners and authorities. For 10 long years they were advocates for skateboarding in their hometown. Sadly, with little attention and support nothing was ever done. We gather in unity to honor their lives, but to also be an example of love for our community. Please help us, help our community heal.



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• Improvements that "put" property into a better-operating condition

• Addition of upgrades or modifications to property

• Extends the useful life of the property

• Improves the efficiency of the property

• Improves the quality of the property

• Increases the capacity of the property

• Adapts the property to a new use


To edify the Church, we aim imitate the actions found in Matthew 25:35. Just as the Church seeks to fulfill the needs of people, The Finding ACTS Foundation seeks to influence the community to seek God through the Church for the fulfillment of their needs.

Local Churches will sponsor individuals and families with great needs for PCI Benefits.


The Finding ACTS Foundation aims to "Improve the Quality of Life" of local residents through a process of application and sponsorship. Recipients will be awarded by: Urgency, Necessity, and Viability.

Requirements may include:

• Proof of Residency

• Proof of Ownership

• Proof of Income

• Drug Screening

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The Finding ACTS Foundations’s PCI Program

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